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My work in furnace glass varies between the functional and the sculptural, incorporating traditional and experimental techniques to reinterpret classic patterns and forms into objects with a pop sensibility. I aim to keep my work playful, subversive and improvisational, mixing boxy refinement with harsh technique. Glass is a material that can shift into many different shapes and appearances, and my work is a continuous pursuit of the material’s potential. As an object maker, I am less concerned with the designed or conceptual functionality of an object as I am interested in exploring crudity, form, and aesthetic sensibility. I often ask myself: how can I compose an object using the traditional techniques of glass into an improvised vessel or sculpture? How can I approach this craft in unconventional or unexpected ways? By bringing influences in from outside mediums, I approach new forms with the material while preserving the heightened aesthetics that the traditional techniques lend exclusively to this craft.

heat rash @ Bromo-Seltzer Arts Tower, Baltimore, MD
June 9 through August 28, 2022

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