mitchell noah
based in Baltimore, MD
born Louisville, KY

Mitchell Noah is an artist and activist based in Baltimore, MD. He builds sculpture and sculptural objects, composes images, records videos, and intervenes in space. He holds an MFA in Intermedia and Digital Art from UMBC, and an MFA in Glass + Sculpture from BGSU in Ohio. His work has been shown nationally and internationally, particularly through artist-run and grassroots arts spaces. His current research interests include adhocism, infrastructure, service, labor, and the logistics of producing art during “late stage” capitalism. He is also a practicing hot glass maker and instructor.

Selected Exhibitions
2018 Midnight, Paradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY
2018 Young Blood, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
2018 Strength in Practice, Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD
2018 Lucky Suns, Center for Art Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD
2017 What May Be, Tectonic Space, Baltimore, MD
2017 Feminism Fights Patriarchal Power, SpaceCamp, Baltimore, MD
2016 The Difference Between Jelly & Jam, Parkwood Gallery, Toledo, OH
2016 USB-Shuffle Show 4, Institute for Everything Possible, Berlin, Germany
2015 25 Years Künstlerhaus am Acker, Institute for Everything Possible, Berlin, Germany
2015 Reflective Qualities, DADA Gallery, Bowling Green, OH
2015 USB-Shuffle-Show 3, Transmediale Festival, Institute for Everything Possible, Berlin, Germany
2014 New Associated Arts Festival, Municipal Library, Barcelos, Braga, Portugal
2014 Present Tense: Contemporary Art in Ohio; Juried Exhibition in Print, Box Gallery, Akron, OH
2012 Aliens, Bulldogs, and Snowglobes, Jewish Community Center Gallery, Louisville, KY
2011 Stacked, O.Z. Gallery, Louisville, KY
2011 Free, O.Z. Gallery, Louisville, KY
2010 Concept and Execution, Schneider Gallery, Louisville, KY
2010 The Art Ark, Louisville Visual Art Association Water Tower, Louisville, KY

2018 MFA Intermedia & Digital Art, University of Maryland Baltimore County, MD
2014 MFA 3D Studio Art (Glass + Sculpture), Bowling Green State University, OH
2011 BFA 3D Studio Art (Glass), Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville, KY
2011 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, ME [glass]
2010 Penland School of Crafts, NC [glass]

Dictated but not read. (2018)